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F38*38 square tube mould

F38*38 square tube mould

F38*38 square tube mould
F38*38 square tube mouldF38*38 square tube mouldF38*38 square tube mouldF38*38 square tube mouldF38*38 square tube mould
CategoriesPipe Mould & Roller Sets
BrandYuanxinya Custom Stainless Steel Pipe Machines
Tolerance rangeRoundness ±0.05
Hardness rangeHRC63-65
Update TimeNovember 28,2022
Detail Information
Mold features:

It is used to produce stainless steel profiles, and can also be used to produce steel, aluminum and iron profiles. The moulds are all made of Cr12MoV, SKD61/SKD11 and D2 and TS4 high-quality die steel materials, which are wear-resistant and processed by high-precision CNC equipment.

Using special heat treatment, high precision, hardness up to HRC63-65, reliable quality and long service life.

In the process of stainless steel pipe making, it is often easy to be damaged, wrinkled, nail lines, fish scale lines, irregular shapes and other defects. After years of painstaking research, the company has finally produced high-quality molds, which have solved the problems that have plagued the welded pipe industry for many years.

Technical parameter:



Tolerance range

Hardness range



Roundness ±0.05


Difficulties bring blessings to those in the industry
1. Pipe molds: steel pipes, plum blossom pipes, flat pipes, elliptical pipes, fan-shaped pipes, polygonal pipes, single and double grooved pipes, pipe racks, special-shaped molds, etc.
2. Selection: To produce first-class pipe molds, first-class raw materials must be available. We choose high-quality Cr12mov tool steel as raw material, and the mouild steel Cr12mov material integrates high wear resistance, toughness, high pressure resistance, high hardness and hardening.
3. Processing process: raw material - material test - practice - saw - rotary - drilling - rotary CNC precision turning - grinding - quenching - hardness test - internal and external grinding - test - packing.
4. Features: Mature manufacturing process, experience and standard production management have made the leading technology supplier of each crown. CNC machining in Japan, high precision; 10 years of RD experience, for fingerprints, mechanical patterns, upper corners, concave corners and other phenomena, as well as forming roundness tolerance
Greater than 0.05 mm, the upper corner of the square tube does not exceed ±0.05 mm.
Packaging and Shipping:
1. We fix the pipe making machine with steel wire and wooden frame
2. In addition, the main motor is protected by a shock-proof film.
3. We ship the goods in containers to our customers. Generally, we depart from Foshan Port, but we can also depart from other ports according to customers' needs.
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